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Chérie is a tradition started 60 years ago in the heart of Le Marche region in Italy, famous throughout the world for its leather craftsmanship and artisan made footwear, two artisan brothers Angelo & Delio Giustozzi started a tradition called Chérie, combining unique Italian style, exquisite craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, best quality leather and science to make stylish and comfortable handmade shoes for your little ones which adapt perfectly to the shape of their feet like second skin and give them the feeling of walking around barefoot.

More recently while most footwear companies in the region have compromised on quality and outsourced production to low cost countries, the second generation of the Giustozzi brothers continues to manufacture Chérie in Italy, keeping the quality and tradition intact. Years of research and study have resulted in good fitting shoes and a collection of exciting styles ranging from classic to casual! Even today our artisans continue to make each and every pair of shoe with equal love and passion for your loved ones.

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